Masscloud ™ is a proprietary system that provides an immersive, brandable WiFi experience for Tours, Events, Conferences, Retail, Pop Ups and any other environment where many are gathered and can benefit from social access to the web.

No App download, costly internet hard lines or credit card authorization needed!  Roll Up, Plug In, Turn on and you’re ready to PLAY!

Amazing User Experiences on mobile devices!

Serves from 500-30,000 simultaneously connected  users via an immersive, branded multi-media experience that can live with or without hard wired internet.

Warner Music
Global Citizen Festival
Garth Brooks
Firefly Music Festival

It’s two steps.

1. Roll in the 3×3 flight case.

2. Turn it on.

Easy on the User, too.

Masscloud makes it easy for your audience to connect.

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650 Halstead Avenue, Mamaroneck, NY 10543, USA

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