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    Global Citizen Festival

December 11, 2015

Global Citizen Festival

Saturday, September 27th, Global Citizen Concert, Central Park:

Coldplay, Michelle Obama, VP Biden, Ed Sheeran, and Beyonce all participated in this Global Event focused on the Great Lawn, Central Park. 100 UN delegates were attending, the Pope had passed through on Friday, and one of our pieces of hardware could not be mounted because of a Secret Service Sniper Tower that had been erected last minute……

For the first time ever, a full Public Wifi network was installed for 65,000 fans with over 10,500 fans online at the same place at the same time using Social Media to its full effect and trying to change the world.

1. Full Gated wifi with full records of all participants:
A. First name, last name
B. Age
C. Zip Code
D. Mobile phone number

2. Promotion of Global Citizen App

3. Support of the Square Credit Card Processing for Vendors

4. All fans had a 20mb/s up/down unlimited internet experience with full access to Social Media

5. Advanced apps like Periscope/Meerkat/Ustream used by audience
The traffic was enormous, with everyone enjoying a great UX and a long list of data-captures handed over to the organisers. A true Win-Win-Win – powered by MassCloud ™.

This has been repeated over and over again, from the Garth Brooks tour to the Firefly (Dover) festival where the MassCloud ™ powered 90,000 people/day and even surviced Tropical Storm Bill, keeping people connected and informed via the Firelfy App and Website during the entire evacuation of the site.